Did You Know, According To Leading Orthopedic Spine Specialists, Most Lower Back Pain Is Due To Weak Spinal Muscles!

Even after a very minor injury, the deep stabilizing muscles of your spine, (known as the Multifidus muscles), can rapidly atrophy leaving your back stiff, painful, weak and easily susceptible to recurring flare-ups and new injuries. Traditional treatments for back pain ignore the spinal weakness, instead relying on repetitive, palliative (band aid like) treatments in an attempt to mask the recurring and sometimes unbearable pain.  Have you ever noticed that most people seeking treatment for back pain need to keep going back over and over for what seems like an eternity only to end up worse off than when they started?  Without addressing the underlying source of the problem, the pain will keep recurring and often develop into a chronic condition with severe physical and psychological repercussions.

Masking the pain is not the answer!


Clinically Proven To

  • Provide Lasting Relief From Even The Most Stubborn Lower Back Pain!
  • Reduce The Frequency & Severity Of Painful Recurring Flare-ups!
  • Prevent New Back Injuries!
  • Greatly Improve The Strength, Flexibility & Endurance Of Your Back!
  • Help avoid invasive back surgery!

What is The Spine Strong Program?

Whether your lower back pain is severe and disabling or just a mild annoyance, the Spine Strong Program is the best thing you can do for your back!  The Spine Strong Program utilizes scientifically developed “intensive spine strengthening” techniques that are clinically-proven to relieve your back pain and help keep the pain from returning. The program is designed to provide maximum effectiveness with minimum time expenditure.

The Spine Strong Program consists of a structured series of corrective exercises in which the extensor muscles of the lower back are isolated and strengthened in a progressive and intensive manner.  Our doctor will personally come to your home or workplace with specialized, portable spine rehabilitation equipment, and guide you through each spine strengthening session. Sessions are performed twice per week, over the course of about 10 weeks (depending on the severity and how quickly the patient responds). Only a small open space is required and the rehabilitation sessions can even be performed outside if requested.  Although sessions are brief, they are extremely effective and patients often feel immediate relief.

Approved By Nature. Proven By Science.

The Spine Strong Program is based on over 20 years of supported medical research and clinical application