Dr. Daniel J. Bruno D.C.

  • California State Licensed Chiropractic Physician #DC25016
  • Serving San Diego County Since 1997
  • Founder & Developer Of The Spine Strong Program
  • Surfer, Athlete & Natural Health Advocate

Why I Do What I Do….

Hello and thank you for visiting the website for my mobile chiropractic and natural health services.  I’m often asked why I have chosen to offer mobile services rather than pursue a more traditional office based chiropractic business. Well, it all started back in the late 90’s when I actually did have an office location. One day a patient of mine with three small children was explaining the process she had to go through to get to her appointments and how difficult it was to keep her kids occupied during the appointments. Then she asked the magic question, “have you ever considered making house calls?” I responded with “sure, that sounds like a great idea”, and the rest is history.

Over the years I’ve really come to understand the benefits of offering in-home services.  House calls create a much more comfortable and personal environment in which we work one-on-one as a team to achieve your health goals. It is often unrealistic to spend true quality time with a patient in a busy office with high overhead. And then, of course, there is the convenience of it, which can’t be matched.

If the comfort and convenience of in-home chiropractic services with an emphasis on quality, not quantity, sounds like what you are looking for, give me a call. I’d be more than happy to help.

About My Methods….

The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself and I believe my goal is to just help nudge it in the right direction.  Over the years I’ve narrowed and perfected my treatment methods to include the most effective, efficient and non-invasive techniques.  These methods utilize a “back to basics” approach with the goal of creating a stronger, more stable and freely moving musculo-skeletal system coupled with a healthy, nutrient rich body and sharp mind.  I honestly believe many “illnesses” and “conditions” can be prevented or remedied by adhering to this regimen.  But, I am not professionally biased and don’t believe chiropractic is the answer for everything.  If I feel I cannot help you, I will assist in finding someone who can.

About My Education….

Education has been a life-long continuing journey for me.  Since graduation from Life Chiropractic College West in northern California in 1996, I have attended countless seminars and certification courses and spent hundreds of hours at UCSD medical library learning how other fields address similar conditions.  In addition, due to the effectiveness of my treatment protocols for chronic low back pain, I have been invited to and have lectured at major health insurance companies.  In retrospect though, the true learning has come through patient care.

Thank you!!

Dr. Dan Bruno D.C.