Meet The Doctor

Why I do what I do...

I’ve always led an extremely active, healthy lifestyle focused on immersing myself into nature. If I’m not surfing, then I’m hiking, trail running, befriending some random animal or taking a road trip to camp somewhere beautiful and secluded. 

So, back in my early 20’s when considering a professional path to follow, it only made sense to choose a career that compliments my lifestyle. And since becoming a professional surfer, camper or dog befriender was not a realistic option, I decided to use my passion for natural health to help people. Enter, chiropractic.

Chiropractic, due to it’s wide scope of practice, including rehabilitation/corrective exercise and nutritional guidance and supplementation, is the perfect platform to treat patients with a “whole body, multifaceted approach”.  This enables me to take advantage of the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired from a lifelong pursuit of natural health (personal training and plant based nutrition) and combine it with what I’ve learned from chiropractic, manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques. I think it’s important to keep as many “tools” in my “toolbox” so to give my patients the best chance of getting better, not just feeling better.

So, why chiropractic house calls? 

After graduating chiropractic school, I started working in a busy clinic. I knew immediately that it wasn’t for me. Everything was so rushed and there was no time to understand my patients needs and concerns, let alone treat accordingly. So, I moved on and opened my own office in a gym. This was a refreshing change because I could finally spend time with patients and use my full skill set to treat.  But I still wasn’t happy. I was spending so much time in the office that I was starting to feel disconnected from nature and my outdoor passions that led me to chiropractic in the first place. Then something magical happened. One day a patient with three small children came into the office looking very distressed. She said that trying to pack up the kids to get to her appointment on time, as well as keeping them under control during the appointment, was too difficult and stressful and she wasn’t able to relax during treatment. Then she asked the magic question. “Would you ever consider coming to my home?” 

The rest is history… 

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Enough about me. Here's what my patients have to say...

“He had tremendous awareness, knowledge, and was truly remarkable at reading my body. I was so relieved when he had finished. My pain was gone and I was able to properly enjoy the rest of my weekend in San Diego. Prompt, kind, professional, personable, and knowledgable. Thank you, Dr. Bruno!” Read full review

Kristen D

“My back has not gone out since completing his unique back strength training program. He has a special piece of equipment that really works to stabilize your back. Dr. Bruno is an honest friendly person that always has put me and his patients first.” Read full review

Mike P

“Dr. Bruno was a great help to my daughter in treating a sports injury.  He came to our house the day we contacted him and was very sensitive to her needs.  He explained what he was doing and made sure she understood the treatment. Chiro on the go is very convenient, and Dr. Bruno is available on a more flexible timetable than other doctors. We definitely recommend him both for his skills as a doctor and the type of practice he has.” Read full review

Lori M