Fees & Payment Methods

Simple, Transparent Fees

One of the main benefits of offering in-home services, is that it allows us the opportunity to spend the time needed to address your health issues, rather than rushing you through appointments. It is for this reason we base our fees on time (like a massage therapist or personal trainer), rather than by service (like a doctors office). The time you pay for includes any combination of our services as long as it it appropriate for your issues. 

New Patient


This is your first visit and the start of your care with us. The length of this session varies, but is usually around 60 minutes.

30 Minute


This is our standard session and is best suited for a chiropractic visit or a short rehabilitative training session.

60 Minute


60 minute sessions are typical rehabilitative training sessions, but can be combined with chiropractic services or even used as a long chiropractic session.

90 Minute


90 minute sessions are generally for those wanting a full 30 minute chiropractic session in addition to a full 60 minute rehabilitative training session.

The fees listed above are for sessions with Dr Bruno for individuals only (one person). For chiropractic group rates (2+ people), Spine Strong group classes, zoom sessions, or custom videos, please contact us. These fees are not for acupuncture, massage or any other service not provided directly by Dr. Bruno

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Payment Methods

Payments are due at the end of your appointment. We do not accept health insurance, personal injury or workers comp.

Other Services

For rates on other services we offer, please contact us.