Learn How To Start A Mobile Chiropractic Practice Quickly, Simply And Inexpensively!

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Dr. Dan Bruno and I have been running a successful 100% mobile chiropractic practice in beautiful San Diego CA for almost 20 years now. If you’ve found this page then you are most likely looking to make a change. And let’s face it, change can be scary. I know this because I’ve been exactly where you are right now, except I had to figure everything out on my own. Good news is, that with a little help, you can avoid a lot of the time consuming and costly mistakes that I made when I started.

So why start a mobile chiropractic practice? Here are a few reasons…

  • Almost No Overhead!

A mobile practice eliminates the need for space lease and employees which is the bulk of any chiropractors expenses.

  • Freedom To Live Your Life!

Without the burden of an expensive office lease and employees, you can drastically lighten up your schedule and work when you want to work.

  • A More Personalized Approach!

As a house call chiropractor, you can spend the time needed to understand your patient’s needs instead of rushing through each appointment.

  • Little To No Competition!

Mobile chiropractic is still a relatively new concept. With a chiropractor on every corner nowadays, you have the unique opportunity to have your own unique niche.

  • No Insurance Billing!

I haven’t accepted insurance, PI or WC in over 18 years and never would again. As a mobile professional, you are running a specialty practice and patients expect to pay out of pocket.

  • Stress Free!

Once you get your mobile practice up and running, all the stress seems to melt away and you can actually enjoy patient care again.

About my consultation services…

I have been contacted by chiropractors and chiropractic students from all over the country (as well as Canada, Great Britain and Australia) seeking advice on starting their own mobile practice and have consulted/coached over 150 chiropractors/students over the last 10+ years. Between my personal experience as a mobile chiropractor, and hearing the experiences of those I’ve consulted with, I feel like I have a pretty solid grip on the realities of running a mobile practice. I personally love what I do and would never practice any other way. However, it is not without its challenges and is not for everyone.

My consultations services are designed to provide you with the important first steps needed to get your mobile practice headed in the right direction. These initial decisions will lay the foundation for your practice and help you avoid the time consuming and costly mistakes I made when getting started. I offer this in a single 60 minute phone consultation with an option for extended support. The phone consult is a one time thing with no follow ups and is generally all you need to get started. However, I do offer an extended support package (via email and text only) for those that would like ongoing advice and assistance.

Here are a few topics that will be covered based on questions I’ve been asked:

  • Is a mobile practice right for me?
  • Is a mobile practice right for my area?
  • Does my state board allow mobile services?
  • Do I need a separate business address?
  • Do I need a separate phone number?
  • What equipment do I need?
  • Do I need a website?
  • Can I use my own car?
  • What hours should I set?
  • Do I have to work 7 days per week?
  • Should I work weekends?
  • How do I get patients?
  • Should I advertise on my car?
  • What type of patients want mobile services?
  • Should I do corporate work?
  • How do I stay safe?

Let Us Help You Start Your Own Mobile Chiropractic Practice…

I’ve broken down my services into two distinct categories. The one-on-one consultation services are performed exclusively with me, while the website and marketing services are with a company I’ve used for years and completely trust, CLK Media. Please use the contact form below for inquiries

Mobile Chiropractic Practice Consultations

Learn the important steps necessary to make a smooth transition into offering mobile chiropractic services. Dr. Bruno offers one time phone consultations as well as extended consultation packages.

*One time 60 minute phone consultation*

*3 month consultation package*

Please use the contact from below for inquiries.


Website Development & Marketing

As a mobile health practitioner, your website is your connection with future patients and the outside world. This is why it is imperative to have a reliable and attractive website so that you can get your offerings across professionally.  I have worked directly with Cecil from CLK Media for years and can tell you that he knows what he’s doing. Click the button below to view his website packages.


Contact Us!

If you would like to learn more about how to start a mobile chiropractic practice, complete the form below to contact Dr. Bruno. Please do not call or use the form on our “contact page”.

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  • If you have a website for your current or upcoming mobile business, please list it here.

Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Alan Powers D.C.

Nashville, TN

“I owe my new “ideal practice” to Dr. Bruno for if it wasn’t for his help this would still be “just a dream”……”

“After over 20 years of providing chiropractic in my office I was tired and burned out. One night while out on my deck thinking of a “new dream” I began to think about starting a “travelling chiropractic” business. It would get me out of the office, but could this even be possible? Would it work? As I gave it more thought I decided to do a google search to see if anyone else was even doing something like this. Thank God one of the first (and really one of the only) sites regarding “traveling chiropractic” was Dr. Bruno’s website. It was VERY INTERESTING and one of the few sites that looked “successful”. I emailed him letting him know that I was thinking about doing something like that in my town. I really didn’t expect to hear back from him. I WAS SURPRISED! He was totally professional and totally open to talking to me about all of the “in’s and out’s” required and for me to think seriously if it was something I really wanted to do. If it was, he said he could help me. He was upfront and ever since that first email and subsequent coaching, he has been a great mentor in getting me going in the right direction as I make this “dream” a “reality”. I could have NEVER gotten my website, paperwork and all important marketing etc…done without his guidance and direction. I owe my new “ideal practice” to Dr. Bruno for if it wasn’t for his help this would still be “just a dream”……”

Dr. Scott Walker D.C.

Boise, ID

“I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Bruno’s professional services because I know his clients will receive excellent ongoing support in managing, growing and improving their practice operations.”

“I have closely worked with Dr Dan Bruno over the last year as a practice management coach and mentor. He has since become a friend, continues to be a mentor long after his obligations have been met, and has my utmost respect as an expert consultant. His knowledge, professionalism and commitment to unparalleled service is truly first class. He went far above and beyond his contractual obligations to ensure that every attention to detail was carefully met. He shows a genuine interest in his clients and is the consummate professional, yet also kind, friendly and approachable. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Bruno’s professional services because I know his clients will receive excellent ongoing support in managing, growing and improving their practice operations.”