Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started is fast and easy! Reach out by phone or through the contact form HERE (phone is preferred). If you get my voicemail, please leave a message and I will call you back when available. Once we speak and mutually agree to scheduling an appointment, I will ask you to complete my online new patient form and we’ll tentatively schedule an appointment. Once the form is completed and received, I will text you to confirm the appointment time. That’s it! 

I take the following precautions to keep my patients (and myself) safe from the spread of any contagious diseases: 

  • First and foremost, I will never schedule an appointment if I am knowingly sick or feeling unwell.
  • If a patient expresses that they are not feeling well prior to our appointment, I will ask to reschedule.
  • If a patient expresses they are not feeling well during an appointment, I ask them to wear a mask and I sterilize my hands and equipment as soon as I leave.
  • Prior to every appointment:
    • I sterilize my hands and equipment.
    • I always wear a face mask before coming to your door.
    • Once at your home (or other location), I will ask for a place to wash my hands before we start.
    • My table has a paper barrier between your face and the cushioned headpiece for further protection.

This is entirely dependent on what the purpose of the appointment is. 

For those seeking acute pain relief or a chiropractic maintenance session, the new patient visit is a discussion of your health history, details about the current issues you are experiencing, an assessment of the issues, and treatment (if deemed appropriate).

For those looking to start a rehabilitative training program, we will discuss your health history, details about your chronic, recurring issues and perform an assessment. Sometimes we will start training that day. It depends on what we discuss beforehand.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing if possible. 

No. You will remain fully clothed during the new patient visit and any and all other follow up sessions. I may need to see certain areas to check for discoloration or abnormalities but it does not require undressing.

I always follow up with patients after their first appointment via text or a phone call the next day (or that evening in certain cases). This is usually to check in and see how they responded to treatment and/or training. In cases of acute care, we will usually determine if additional treatments are necessary or if self care is sufficient.

Don’t worry, I will never leave you hanging and am always available to answer questions or address your concerns.

Chiro On The Go is the website for the mobile chiropractic and rehabilitative training services of Dr. Dan Bruno. Dr Bruno is a California licensed chiropractor serving parts of north and central coastal San Diego County. 

Yes. I am licensed (CA Lic #DC25016) and insured to practice anywhere in the state of California.

I have been a mobile chiropractor in San Diego for over 25 years

No. My business is 100% mobile.

Yes and no.

Chiropractors can have vastly different approaches to patient care. My approach is more personalized and comprehensive than most because I don’t need to rush through appointments like a busy clinic does. 

A chiropractic clinic can have very high overhead due to space lease, staff, and equipment lease. High overhead requires high volume to pay the bills. In order to have a high volume practice, you need to see as many patients as possible. This means visits are usually very brief, sometimes just a couple minutes.

As a mobile service, my overhead is much lower than a clinic. This means that I can have a low volume practice with longer and more comprehensive appointments. Just the way I like it. I do not have access to some of the larger equipment like a clinic does, but I don’t need that equipment because I don’t run that kind of practice. 

So which is better for you? Only you can decide.

It’s incredibly convenient

Time that would have been spent sitting in traffic and waiting rooms can be used more productively. Or you could just kick back and relax in your own comfortable environment.

There’s more flexibility

How many chiropractors do you know that work on Sundays?

100% doctor-patient time

With many clinics, you’re only with the doctor for a few minutes and spend the rest of the time with staff. My sessions are one-on-one the entire time.

I never rush through appointments

Busy clinics need high volume in order to pay their overhead. I purposely maintain a low volume practice so I can spend more time with patients.

It’s more personal

Dealing with health related issues can be frustrating and stressful, especially when your doctor doesn’t spend the time to really listen and understand what you’re going through. But when a caring health professional comes to your home, listens to your concerns, answers your questions, and doesn’t rush you through appointments, it can help the healing process immensely.

For the types of services I offer, there really are no major disadvantages. Some minor disadvantages include needing to schedule appointments around traffic and rain. But it’s rarely been an issue.

Where we go

I provide mobile chiropractic services in San Diego County, California. I generally stay south of the 78 freeway, north of the 8 freeway and west of the 15 freeway. However, there are some areas within these borders that I do not travel to and some outside of these borders that I will travel to. It’s best to contact me to discuss it further.

Sometimes, depending on the circumstance, I will travel to south Orange County. This is usually reserved for groups and businesses with a minimum visit fee. Contact me for more information

No. I also visit businesses, vacation rentals, hotels, etc… 

I have visited all types of businesses over the years.  If you are interested in chiropractic services for your business, please contact me for more information.

Yes. I am happy to treat your clients within your gym, wellness center, yoga studio, or other health related business.

When we'll go

My hours are 8am to 6pm, 7 days per week.

Yes. Weekends are generally my busiest days.

Generally, yes. But not always. It is best to contact me about availability

Chiropractic is extremely helpful for headaches, neck and back pain and stiffness, as well as many other issues

This is a question only you can answer and it depends on why you are asking. Here’s a few things to consider when making that decision:

Chiropractic as part of your self care routine

If you like the way chiropractic makes you feel, and you want to include it as part of your self care routine, then yes it’s a good idea. There’s no denying that chiropractic feels good. It can really loosen your body up and help with occasional aches and pains. 

Chiropractic in place of your self care routine

Self care is by far the most important way to keep yourself healthy. Eating well, drinking plenty of clean water, exercising daily, keeping stress to a minimum and maintaining strong social bonds (friends and family) are how the “blue zone” communities live such long healthy lives. Chiropractic cannot and should not replace this.   

Chiropractic to control pain

This is where things get a little tricky. A lot of people live in pain. For some it comes and goes, for others it’s relentless. Most of the time, this can be prevented by maintaining a self care routine. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes chronic, recurring pain with terrible acute flareups can’t be prevented and sufferers will do anything to get some relief. Many turn to pain relieving medications, while others prefer more natural methods of controlling pain. If you find that regular chiropractic care (or acupuncture, massage, etc…) helps control your pain when nothing else helps, then yes it should be a consideration.

For those apprehensive about chiropractic spinal manipulation (aka “adjustments”), or in instances where it might be contraindicated, we are able to focus on myofascial therapy and other therapies for the treatment. 

Fees are due at the completion of your appointment. Payment can be made by cash, local check, major credit card or VENMO. Please see my fees page for details.

If you are within my service area then no, there will never be a traveling fee.

If you are out of my services area then it depends.  I generally will not accept the appointments out of my service area except for businesses and groups. However, this is not set in stone. Please contact me to discuss it further.

No, I do not accept health insurance, but can provide you with a receipt if you want to attempt reimbursement by your insurance company. Receipts are provided by email and only contain the date of the visit and fee. I do not provide diagnostic or treatment codes. I also do not assist in reimbursement in any way



Any information you provide (via new patient forms, contact forms, or communications such as voicemail and text), are only seen and used by me (Dr. Dan Bruno). I use this information for diagnostic, treatment and/or communication purposes. Your personal health information is not shared with anyone, for any reason without your written consent.  And your patient files are digitally stored in a HIPAA compliant, cloud based, Google Workspace account. 

Absolutely not. We would never discuss your personal health information with anyone for any reason without your written consent.