A Personalized, Whole Body Approach

The services we offer reflect our well rounded, multifaceted approach to patient care. Since our sessions are based on time (like a massage therapist or personal trainer), rather than service type (like a medical doctor), we can incorporate any combination of services during your predetermined session length.

Chiropractic Pain & Wellness Care

Best For: Headaches • Stiffness • Neck Pain • Back Pain

Chiropractic has a unique place in health care as we are able to utilize a variety of natural health services for our patients rather than limiting ourselves to a specific treatment protocol. One of the services we offer, and what chiropractors are most known for, is spinal manipulative therapy (aka spinal “adjustments”).  An “adjustment” is a fast, yet gentle, thrusting movement performed to areas of the spine that are tight, painful, and/or just not moving properly.   

By restoring proper motion, the spinal joints can move freely through their full, natural range, thus relieving unwanted stress on the surrounding soft tissue and bony structures. This is a very effective method for reducing pain and stiffness and improving range of motion. Patients find it particularly helpful to alleviate headaches, neck and back pain and loosen areas of the spine that feel tight.

Spine Strong Rehabilitative Training

Best For: Chronic, Recurring Lower Back & Neck Pain • Poor Posture • Injury Prevention

Is your lower back always stiff and aching? Do you get flare ups that are so painful you’re unable to move for days? Does your back “go out” from doing something as insignificant as picking a pencil up off the floor? These are things we hear all the time. The good news is, we’ve got your back (pun intended).

Our Spine Strong rehabilitative training sessions focus on developing strength, flexibility, endurance and stability of your spine (and entire body). We do this through a series of multidimensional, progressive resistance exercises aimed at restoring proper movement patterns and strengthening the deep spinal stabilizing muscles. The result is a stronger, less painful back, that’s less likely to get injured. 

Workouts are fun, challenging and rewarding. Sessions are 30-90 minutes (depending on what your individual needs are) and can be combined with chiropractic and myofascial therapies. 

Myofascial Therapy

Best For: Tight Muscles Anywhere

The soft tissue of your body (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) often become tight and restrictive from injury, too much sitting, poor posture, lack of activity or muscle imbalance….just to name a few. We utilize several myofascial techniques to help lengthen and relax the tight, restrictive muscles and fascia. We always incorporate myofascial therapy with spinal adjustments as they compliment each other perfectly. 

Self Care Guidance

Best For: Low Energy • Poor Digestion • Aches & Pains

We have developed a knowledge base from a lifetime of natural health and fitness that we are happy to share. We can provide guidance on how to eat better and become more active. We also have a video library with exercises that you can follow along with at home.


Ready To Get Started?

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“Dr. Bruno is so much more than a chiropractor! How can I say this simply? He didn’t just start cracking! He asked so many questions, and also answered mine. He wasn’t in a rush yet I felt he used our time so strategically.  I SO highly recommend!! Also this….I felt almost immediate relief under his care.” Read full review

Nova P

“Dr Dan is a great mobile chiropractor. He’s been treating my dad for a few years now so I decided to get adjusted. I felt great afterwards, as a bonus he taught me some self exercises I could use to my benefit my back pain. He even made a step by step video for me.”

Nick T

“Been having lower back pain for years but it recently became very acute; pain killers, muscle relaxers, nothing worked. Dr Dan came to my house, listen to my problems and got me on a progressive plan of stretching and strengthening tailored to my needs. Feeling much better than I have felt in years.”

Pablo D